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Our Referral Program

How would you like to earn free money for just 


We like to show appreciation to all our customers and fans by offering  a great referral program. Every time you refer someone that chooses Denver HD Improvements, upon paid in full completion of their project,  you will receive a referral fee for just SPREADING THE WORD! 

Here is how it works:

Shoot us an email above and in the message box include the name phone number and email of your referral as well as what project they are interested in having completed. We will email you back with a personal STW Code that you give to the person your referring. 

When they call to schedule their appointment with us and upon payment of the project completion they include their personal STW Code and you will recieve 5% of the total project cost. (not to include material cost). 

Some of our clients and fans use the money they have earned by just SPREADING THE WORD to help pay for a day of beauty of mani and pedi's or a nice dinner out, Some  save toward a vacation and some have saved up to use toward their next renovation project with us. 

No matter what your reason is,  EVERYONE can use extra money for just 


Have a question? We would love to help!  email us or just call 303.476.4321 and ask about our referral program.